Sisi´s VR Boat Ride

Take a seat in 3 boats and experience an exciting adrenaline-filled ride with Sisi through the underground and unearthly Vienna. (15 minutes)

  • VR experience in the Vienna sewers
  • Empress Sisi as a boat guide
  • Romantic memories of the imperial couple entering the Danube
  • creepy encounters in the underworld of Vienna
  • Sisi shows you her favorite places in Vienna     
  • Let Sisi show you where she walked a long time ago
  • Fly around Vienna's famous Ferris wheel / over the Vienna Prater


  • funny encounters with penguins in the Schönbrunn zoo
  • 360 ° flight over the roofs of Vienna Experience
  • a Danube river cruise
  • Meet old acquaintances from Sisi
  • Let Sisi take you into its mysterious world
  • Get a little insight into the well-known Viennese grant typical of Vienna
  • Sisi shows you the "veins of Vienna"


Sisi´s VR Boat Ride

Let Empress Sisi take you on a mysterious tour through Vienna's sewers, the "Vienna's veins". With the help of a Virtual Reality 360 ° Boatride, she is excited to show you Vienna that she has never seen before.

Experience how Sisi indulges in beautiful memories, meet some figures from the Viennese underworld and even accidentally end up in the penguin enclosure of Schönbrunn!

Sisi is looking forward to flying with you around the Ferris wheel and the Vienna Prater and looking at Vienna with new eyes.

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