Sisi´s Life

In a superbly edited Sisi film you will learn everything about Sisi's life, your best moments and your fateful years. The film lasts about 15 minutes and shows the following highlights:

  • Elisabeth Amalia Eugenia is born as a "Christ Child"
  • A carefree childhood at Lake Starnberg
  • Engagement at 15 in Bad Ischl - the younger one is preferred to the older sister
  • On the way to Vienna on the beautiful blue Danube
  • At the age of 16 in the port of marriage - wedding in the Augustinian Church
  • Lonely honeymoon in Laxenburg Castle
  • Archduchess Sophie - The "bad" mother-in-law?
  • Triple mother at 21
  • Sisi's long absence from the farm - escape or cure?
  • The change to a confident young wife Fairytale princess Sisi - beauty above all
  • The hair cult and the tricks of the hairdresser
  • Austria's first top model with a wasp waist
  • Hungary - their "home of the heart" - coronation in Budapest
  • Sisi and Count Andrássy - their Hungarian lover?
  • Marie Valerie - the "only one" is born
  • Historic pageant for the 25th wedding anniversary for Sisi and Franz Joseph
  • The Empress's court ladies and their despair
  • How does a tattooed anchor get on Sisi's shoulder?
  • Rudolf - The Tragedy by Mayerling
  • Corfu, Mallorca, Madeira - Sisi and their restlessness
  • The Heine Vehrerer escapes into the world of poetry
  • The tragic death - in the wrong place at the wrong time
  • Memorials of Empress Elisabeth in Vienna

Empress Elisabeth

Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie had an exciting life. As a Bavarian country girl, she married Emperor Franz Joseph at the age of 16 and moved to the Vienna Court. At 22, she was already a mother of 3 children, a fourth child followed 10 years later. As a counterbalance to the more conservative Viennese court ceremony, Sisi was traveling a lot and found a lot of strength in sports and literature. The Hungarian zest for life inspired you and so she spent a lot of time there and was very committed to the unification of Austria-Hungary. Sisi's body cult was legendary and a great role model for many. Its end was tragic, it was murdered by an anarchist in Geneva, it was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sisi's life was filmed many times, the trilogy with Romy Schneider and Karl Heinz Böhm was a worldwide success.

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